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In recent years, vegetarianism has become an increasingly widespread trend in society. Madrid is a cosmopolitan city, faithful to its customs, culture and its art, but at the same time it is a modern and fresh place that welcomes many other cultures and traditions. That is why vegetarian restaurants in Madrid continue growing, following the global trends that we are gradually welcoming in our culture.

We have tried them all and this is our selection of the best vegetarian restaurants in Madrid, enjoy them!


Best vegetarian restaurants in Madrid


Seasonal dishes are predominant in the Vega cuisine, a bar and restaurant located next to the Plaza de la Luna. His menu is elaborated according to the precepts of the homemade and traditional food. In their refrigerators there is neither meat nor ingredients that come from animals, such as eggs, milk or honey; these are replaced by other foods that give them a texture that many consider better than conventional. In addition to their extensive menu, they also offer a daily menu, organic wine, homemade pastries and cocktails. For every taste!


Where: Calle Luna, 9, Madrid.
Metro: Santo Domingo and Callao


El Restaurante Vegetariano

For more than 30 years, this small but cozy vegetarian restaurant serves delicious homemade food in Malasaña neighborhood. Their cuisine is ovolactovegetarian, that means they use dairy products and eggs, although they also have other dishes for vegans (that do not contain dairy or eggs in their elaboration). Their desserts are also delicious and they also have a daily menu for € 10 per person.


Where: Calle Marqués de Santa Ana 34, Madrid.
Metro: Tribunal and Noviciado



Tiyoweh is a vegetarian restaurant located in the heart of Madrid. It is a space where everything is recycled and health is taken care of at all levels. Dishes in their menu have been created especially by an expert vegetarian chef, with a long history. In addition to the vegetarian restaurant, Tiyoweh also offers a bio-healthy tearoom, workshops, courses, events, conferences and an eco-shop for food, hygiene and ecological cosmetics. Highly recommended!


Where: Calle San Pedro, 22, Madrid.
Metro: Atocha and Antón Martín


Loving Hut

Loving Hut is a vegan “fast food” restaurant which is all over the world. Its ingredients are all 100% vegan, in order to offer customers the most natural, healthy and delicious cuisine there is. In this restaurant you will find a friendly staff, as well as a cozy and simple decoration. They also have daily menu options, from Monday to Friday for lunch, with a price of € 10.50 per person. By the way, their desserts and bread are almost as good as the dishes!


Where: Calle de los Reyes, 11, Madrid.
Metro: Plaza de España and Noviciado


If you have tried other vegetarian restaurants in Madrid you can share with us your experiences, writing your comment below 🙂

If you want to find more recommendations about where to eat in Madrid, visit our foodie section!

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