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13 January 2017
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Planning a trip has become today a very simple task. And thanks to the technology evolution, we have an infinite number of tools that have come to make our lives easier. Having a small computer in our pocket allows us to be connected wherever we go and to have all the information at just one clic. Yes, I mean your smartphone 🙂.


6 Essential Apps for travelers

Today I wanted to make a small compilation of curious Apps that will make the task much easier when you travel around the world. Here we go:



Apps Hyperlapse

To record your favorite moments! Hyperlapse is an Instagram App based on the technique Stop Motion (an animation that consists of creating animated images from static photos). Hyperlapse aims to achieve results very similar to those we would get if we used a steadycam with our smartphone. At the moment it is only available for iOS, but you will love it: D.



Apps CheckMyBus

A very useful app wherever you go. CheckMyBus is in charge of showing us, in real time, the routes, schedules, journey time, services, prices and offers of more than 300 intercity bus companies in 50 countries. It’s free and is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.



Apps AskVicente

The eternal question: where do we eat today? If deciding where to go to eat becomes a very hard task you need to talk with Vicente in this curious App. You will only have to ask him through a Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp chat and he will make you some proposals. Vicente will tell you which is the place that best suits your situation and will even recommend some dishes. Wow! (Just available in Spanish).


Flight Aware

Apps FlightAware

Flight Aware is the best flight tracker available by now. We recommend this app to keep track of your flights, where you can see if there is any delay, the weather conditions of the airport, as well as all departures and arrivals. It’s like having the airport information screens on your smartphone!



Apps Flypal

Have you suffered an overbooking, cancellation, delay or connection on any of your flights? With Flypal you will be informed in real time of the options, alternative flights and economic compensation in each of these cases. Indispensable.



Apps PackPoint

Last month we gave you 4 indispensable tips to make an organized luggage, well, now PackPoint makes it much easier. With this App you can organize your suitcase according to the type and duration of your trip, the activities you have planned and the weather forecast. Another essential 🙂 Available for iOS and Android.


Grab your mobile and download all if you do not have them!

If you know other interesting Apps for travelers and want to share them with others leave us your comments below.

Belén Espino
Belén Espino
I am responsible for Digital Marketing and Communication in Woo! Travelling HOMTELS and member of the Marketing team in iKasa. I love travelling and Marketing, so there's anything better than join hobby and work!

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