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Tecnotourism: The new gadgets 2017 that you still do not know

We live in an age of technological evolution. 86% of Spaniards use Smartphone and the last year has been used to make purchases, online bookings and it has risen more than 60%.

According with this information, we use more apps, gadgets and any device we can connect to the Internet with just a click.

Turism and tecnotourism

Tourism is not far, now we usually find more options than ever in this sector: apps for travelling, purchase tickets, online bookings and even our communication with hotels. We are becoming more virtual and we don’t realize enough.


Communication via WhatsApp has crossed the borders of leisure, we no longer use it to chat with friends, family or mates; We use it to chat to companies or request services in a hotel from our own room.

Suitcases 2.0

It is not surprising that in the future we will manage clever devices instead of simple daily objects.

For example, the future suitcases, that soon will be available on the market, will have GPS locator, ultra-resistant touch screen, bluetooth, smart online billing, integrated battery charger and remote control.

Real-time translator

Another gadget that is coming is the real-time translator. It will be updated by itself, connected via WiFi or 4G and it will spend 2 seconds maximum per answer. It may be the end of barriers with languages.

Travelling, unable to communicate properly in a foreign language, will no longer be a problem. We will experience a different tourism when we visit a new country or culture and we will understand details that before were unnoticed.

Technological detox

On the other hand, there are points of view that reject these new technologies, a new kind of hotel guest is demanding for “technological detox”.

How does it work? Customers keep all devices at reception and they are not available until check-out. Instead of the technology, they can enjoy relaxing massages that help the tourist to completely disconnect.

What tourism do you like? We prefer a balance, new technologies may improve our tourism experience, but we cannot record all we feel on a device, the best pictures and sensations are kept in the mind and the memory.

¿Did you like it? If you know other interesting gadgets for travellers and you want to share it with us, leave a message below.

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