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Woo! HOMTELS Atocha 107

After a few months of hard work in the center of Madrid for the rehabilitation of the building of Atocha 107, finally we can tell you all the latest advances.

Completed Demolition

The building’s demolition has already been ended, focusing the workforce at installations, slabs, tubes and lining of the main frontage.

The interior frontage has been rebuilt improving its qualities and previous appearance.

The main crane has also been fully installed, being the essential element of the work to be able to continue with agility and a lower time.

New lift

The lift area will be enlarged with an additional lift, suitable for people with reduced mobility and more capacity. The accessibility will be upgraded with this work.

New stays

The Homtel will have new types of room, that didn’t exist before. The Suite rooms will be on the top floor of the building and will have the best views of the city. They will have larger beds, care facilities and an elegant design.
There will have another category of accommodation specially dedicated to the executive and business public. The “Compaq” room will be specially prepared for this kind of guest.

On the other hand, a laundry center will be available.

Energy efficiency

The building’s improvement will be esthetic and acoustic and thermal insulation. The quality is one of the priorities with which we want to equip the rooms, respecting the silence and well-being.

Security doors

The doors will be created with six layers of materials specifically designed to ensure the perfect sound insulation and safety.

In addition, the doors will have an individual opening and closing system with a smart reader.


The upper floor will have large picture windows with beautiful views from all the rooms, with light, warmth and harmony from the very center of the city.

Soon we will be able to inform you about the evolution of the works. Our concept is to give you the comfort of a home with the best services and facilities of a hotel: Home + Hotel = Concept Homtel.

Nevertheless, we are still available on Woo! Travelling HOMTELS Plaza de Oriente in Cuesta de San Vicente 10-12, overlooking the Royal Palace and the Sabatini Gardens, close to Gran Vía and Príncipe Pío Shopping Center.

Woo Travelling Homtels
Woo Travelling Homtels
We are a team of travelers willing to help you live a new travel experience. Enjoy Madrid with the independence of a personalized accommodation; Make yourself at home!

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