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18 January 2017
Mercado de San Miguel
San Miguel Market
1 February 2017

SEGITTUR and FITUR, in collaboration with ICEX España, organized the fifth edition of Fitur Know-how & Export, from January 18 to 20, 2017, where thirty companies had the opportunity to show the latest in innovation and technology applied to Tourism sector.


Smart Talk: ‘The hotel as a beta tester’

Within the activities program of Fitur Know-how & Export 2017, Woo! Travelling HOMTELS and our Executive Manager, Cristina Olmos, had the opportunity to participate in the Smart Talk organized by ITH – Hotel Technology Institute: ‘The hotel as a beta tester’, last Friday January 20.

We had the opportunity to share this meeting with Pablo Fernández, CMO & Co-founder of HOTELS Quality, Olga Moreso, Commercial Manager of Marvelmat and Charo García Silgo, Hotel Manager at Sabatini Gardens, and to discuss the synergies that have taken place during all this time among the different companies participating in the pilot program of the ITH 2016. A program that has consisted of contacting enterprising companies with hotel managers, in order to test their services or products. The project began in September 2016 and since then in the HOMTEL of Plaza de Oriente we had the opportunity to taste the technology solution of Hotels Quality, Smartvel’s activity planner and the non-slip bath mat by Marvelant.

Durante esta Smart Talk, Cristina Olmos explicaba que en los tres casos el balance ha sido muy positivo: “El programa Hotels Quality nos ha permitido automatizar el proceso de envío y monitorización de las encuestas de satisfacción. Hemos podido tener un mayor feedback de nuestros huéspedes. Con esta aplicación hemos podido detectar deficiencias y solucionarlas en el corto plazo. De hecho, como pasó con las alfombrillas de baño de Marvelant, gracias a las encuestas descubrimos que era una demanda entre nuestros huéspedes y tras su implantación, hemos podido comprobar que han sido todo un éxito.”

During this Smart Talk, Cristina Olmos explained that in all three cases the balance has been very positive: “The Hotels Quality program has allowed us to automate the process of sending and monitoring guest’s satisfaction surveys. We have been able to get more feedback from our guests. In fact, as happened with Marvelant bath mats, thanks to the surveys we discovered that it was a demand between our guests and after their implementation, we have been able to verify that they have been a success. ”


The Hotel Technology Institute (ITH)

With a twelve-year history, the Hotel Technology Institute is an innovation center, attached to the Spanish Confederation of Hotels and Tourist Accommodation (CEHAT), and its mission is to promote the use of new technologies and management systems, which contribute to improving the competitiveness, profitability, quality, efficiency and sustainability of related companies in the hotel and tourism industry.


See you in FITUR 2018!

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